Friday, March 11

In progress: Blusa Queen the second

What, a whole week without a post? Well, it's because there hasn't been that much to report, really.


I made a bit more progress on the Blusa Queen the 2nd. This picture is of the completed front - as I am crocheting it all in one piece, and figuring out the decreases as I go along, I took a picture of this on Wednesday night at the pub, because I have to check it every. single. row when trying to make the second front match this. I'm using leftover 4ply bamboo and as this is probably twice the thickness called for in the pattern, the whole thing is a bit of a custom job anyway - I'm supposed to crochet down from the circular motifs (out of shot, below), but will have to just do a few rows of something as otherwise it will be too long. Hoping to have enough yarn for short sleeves at least!

I partly frogged back a sock I was working on - I must have picked up a 2.5mm circular by mistake, and 72 stitches is too big at that size even for my wide clodhoppers, so frogged it back to 60. Talking of which, I bought a mannequin foot off Ebay, to model my CSM socks on. It's amazing what you can get on Ebay with a bit of searching. Some of the feet available are scarily realistic though! Figured it might be easier to pose them on a proper foot, especially as, in the depths of winter, you REALLY don't want to see my bare legs. I fully expect it'll make no difference to sock sales though - I could certainly never make much of a living at it. Sigh. Oh well, there will be some well-shod (socked?) refugees in Syria soon.

I'm off to Metropolitan with some friends tomorrow as I've some spares to buy. I really need some time at my machines, those cardigans don't knit themselves. I had an hour free last night so of course started a crochet blanket. *headdesk*. Maybe taking on a commission in the middle of "startitis"* season was a mistake...

*Startitis = the urge to cast on lots of projects, whilst not finishing current ones. Seems to happen every springtime.

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