Wednesday, June 8


The skirt is going well - looks like I just about got away with my fudge on the skirt, although it did mean a bit too much material to try and feed into the waistband. Who would've thought half an inch off would have made so much difference. As always, it was getting late and I figured I'd do just one more seam.... and managed to make the belt loops go all skew. I swear the instructions said to sew the facing down from that side but clearly my sewing machine's feed dogs are a bit... ahem, keen. Also, the waistband isn't level at the back, I managed to match the stripes but not the seams. Oops.

Keen to get home tonight so I can unpick the last bit of sewing and fix it. I'm so close to finishing the skirt now! No more plaids for me, not for a while, anyway.

Current mood: determined

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