Friday, June 3

Unglad plaid

I realised I didn't share photos of my sewing equipment, so here they are:



Having cut out the new skirt pieces, I was rather annoyed to discover that the plaid still didn't quite match - the back half of the skirt was about half an inch out. So I've fudged it, and will have to trim a bit off the top and bottom. Alas, there wasn't enough material to cut out more parts. Hopefully it won't make the skirt too much shorter or make it hang funny. I'm hoping I'll get away with it this time. I don't think I'll do a plaid item again, clearly I'm overreaching myself at the moment! Those guys on the BBC's Great British Sewing Bee make it look easy, it really isn't!

I was late back from work last night (trip to Warrington) so only sewed the back vent and the main part of the skirt. The waistband is next.

Current mood: annoyed

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