Monday, July 18

FO: Skirt and mini-write up

So I had a lovely week at Metropolitan with Tony Bennett. There were about 10 of us, and the first two days he showed us some interesting hand-manipulated stitch techniques, ways of casting on and off with doubled yarn, and his flat seaming technique. He also showed us some amazing garments, most of which are constructed from fairly simple shapes. I almost decided to make the long cardigan - four rectangles, one with a bend in - but then decided on the skirt as I love knitted skirts and don't have many. Throughout the week he showed us more garments he'd brought (in case he didn't have enough!) and there were lots of "oohs" and "ahs!". Several of us expressed the wish to kidnap him and do a second week's knitting.

The BnB I stayed in was nice enough, but no kettle on the first night (a mistake) and no locks or bolts on the doors except for the bathroom. Luckily I had decided against taking my laptop, because I would have felt compelled to keep it locked in the car. Thursday night we went for a lovely meal at the Badger Inn, and I came back to find my door wide open (the handle was falling off and it didn't shut properly half the time).


OK, the skirt is finished - I had some non-rolling elastic (petersham?) and finished it off Friday night. The skirt is made from two straight pieces with hems (the basque) and four small "half hour shawl" triangles. Still not sure about the two silver pieces - it makes for a very heavy poncho, being 500g of yarn. I need to sew the edges to finish the fringing and have a think.

The sock yarn I got at Yarningham:


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imagejem said...

Skirt looks good Jane,
Have you thought about making a couple of armholes, perhaps in one of the triangles of the poncho , asymmetrical so it falls like the blue garment - Is this making sense. Could practice with some drapey fabric from the market and making it the same size as one or two of the triangles....Just a thought!

Knitting Caggy said...

Hey, well done you. It looks fab, hope you're pleased. Would love to see it on ?!