Tuesday, July 19

FO: T-shirt


We're having a bit of a heatwave - the car read 31 degrees yesterday afternoon (and it didn't drop much once I got on the road). So what's a girl to do in hot sticky weather? Get out the sewing machine, of course! I was very keen to try out the Lutterloh patterns so fixed on no 35, which is a simple V neck tshirt made from four pieces - a back, front and two facings. There were some incidents with the sewing machine sewing the knit fabric into the machine, but I think I cracked it eventually. Full of mistakes and a wonky bit by the neckline, it fits really well, and no I didn't do a toile. I seem to have scads of this white t-shirt type fabric and no recollection of when I bought it!

Current mood: enthralled

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