Wednesday, February 1

Some mini sewing projects

Sorry if you came here for some knitting content - I'm part way through a cabled top but because I didn't swatch it as cables some refiguring of the maths needs to happen - it's on my to-do list but hasn't made it to the top yet haha, maybe Friday if there's no emergency alcohol required at the end of the week.

Anyway, I have succumbed to the charms of bullet journalling, thanks to my friends C and M (hi guys, you know who you are!). Having started with a dinky little A6 Leuchtturm in a gorgeous powder blue, bought in Birmingham, then of course I found Pinterest and realised A6 just wasn't big enough to contain my inner artist (not seen since I left school and the temptations of doodling on blotting paper!). A scouring of the shops in Coventry for A5 gridded notebooks eventually turned up a plain black Moleskine number (Waterstones also has them in orange!). Not wanting to wait 'til my next trip to Brum I bought it, but decided almost immediately that it was going to get personalised! So I decided I'd use some weaving to make a cover for it. The weaving wasn't wide enough, so I've very carefully zigzagged two pieces together :)




I couldn't figure out how to release the elastic from the back of the book without cutting into the weaving again so used a kumihimo braid. I've plans to nip to Hobbycraft tonight to get some elastic, but in the meantime I think I quite like the braid! Yes, I know it doesn't really go but I don't happen to have the right colours of embroidery cotton on hand right now to make another one (there's another, thinner one in progress which might fit the bill). I am such a good little consumer, hunting down the "correct" book, aren't I? I found loads of lovely, lovely A5 books in WHSmiths that were just ruled on my travels. I think that's what I'll invest in next year, the grid thing is only useful for the odd table. Well, I'll see how I feel about it in December.

I've also gone back to my favourite Ness bag, got fed up of trying to close the rucksack one-handed all the time. But it doesn't have a pocket big enough for my poor old Nexus 4.



So I made a little internal "pocket" for it. There's a safety pin holding it down to the lining at the bottom.

Third thing I made at the weekend, a rather badly finished needle book to take to sewing class, as I keep finding threaded needles in the bottom of my sewing box in the painful way (ie with a finger). Ouch!

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