Monday, February 6

The never-ending to-do list...

I once remember catching the end of some teen drama - we're talking pre-1991 I guess, because I was still a teenager myself I think. The heroine of the tale kept this amazing journal, full of wonderful things she'd saved as well as her diary. In the story, she'd disappeared or something, and this boy was trying to find her - I'm vague on the details because as I said, I only caught the end of it. Anyway, I was fascinated and completely jealous of the journal - hang the storyline.

Fast-forward to 2017 and after two good friends mentioned bullet journalling, and - well, I think I'm hooked! That a hand-written book could suddenly become so... useful... exciting. I mean, I've got tons of notebooks - have been having a tidy up at home and I start notebooks and get about halfway through them before losing interest or losing them - and they're full of notes taken at craft events and such like, that I obviously thought important at the time, but of course cannot always fathom them later, even assuming I can find which notebook I wrote it in.

So - numbering the pages and having an index at the front. So simple, and yet I never thought of it myself! Having somewhere to keep lists of books I've read or want to read, things I'm working on, funny things I spot on line. Using nice ink pens when they're with me. Doodling - I used to love doodling, mostly on blotting paper or a cheap book I had for such stuff at school, made out of that nasty cheap cream paper, similar to the stuff newspapers are printed on. Loved doodling cartoons, embellishing letters etc. but never liked the paper, but of course I wasn't supposed to be doodling, was I?!

I've found the system of using bulleted lists at work, when I've a bunch of tasks to do, which then get crossed out, really useful. I used to do this anyway, to be honest. I think if someone were to write an app for it, it would sell well. But there's something to be said for the feel of a proper nib on nice paper, too. So I'm sticking with it. My task list is currently growing exponentially but I think it'll calm down with some practice, clarifying my objectives and what-not.

So, anyway - I'm having fun with it. Yes, mine is really messy, because I pick whatever pen I have to hand, and the moleskine paper bleeds through alas. My handwriting's not great either, being out of practice, but I don't care. It's awoken my inner muse and she's chomping at the proverbial bit; just take a look at bullet journalling on pinterest and you might see where I'm coming from.

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Mandy said...

I do love it, it made a big difference to us when we were first retired, it kept hubby on the same page so to speak as me. And a lot got done, not just the jobs, but the fun stuff we were able to see to do stuff and plan it in, rather than it being a vague, I'd love to... fill in the dots.

Have fun Jane,

M x