Sunday, April 9

Busy weekend

On Saturday, I had an impromptu visit to Brandon Marsh with my good friend M, a nature reserve just down the road from me that I've never gotten around to visiting. Got to play with my new longer lens and got some OK shots, these are all at the maximum zoom of the lens, I am not anywhere near as close as it might appear! There's lots of romantic wildlife activity going on at the moment but it's surprisingly hard to catch on camera unless you can spend all day there. The weather was lovely this weekend.





Sunday was the annual Nottingham show...


Bill King not visible past all the interested visitors!

Lots of wonderful yarn and buttons and patterns to be had (I may have come home with some. Oops!)

More Nottingham pictures here. I do hope the show runs next year, alas the "voting" system was signing a sheet on your way out (not well signposted, either) which was only instigated mid afternoon, so may have missed the early birds.

The Cog is back home from his third snowboarding trip this year, sans snowboard, helmet and googles. Yes, some lowlife lifted his gear from outside a shop, so he's looking at £800 odd to replace it all. Not a happy bunny.

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