Tuesday, April 4

Randomly on a Tuesday

Yes, I recently had a birthday (end of last month). Let's just say I'm firmly in the land of the forty-somethings and leave it at that.

Anyway, I had some Amazon vouchers for my birthday, and the first one got this:


Two books - one on overlocking, and one on sewing feet, plus a tailor's ham and a sleeve roll. Yeah, the yarn was on sale at the wonderful Wool Warehouse, nothing to do with Amazon in fact! The jiffy bag contains bandages, refills for my home first aid kit. It's considerably cheaper buying bandages online at Amazon than it is elsewhere, and they seem impossible to buy in person!

Because I never got around to taking a picture of it, the blanket kit I bought at Kegworth:


...and the blanket in progress:


I snapped this in the changing rooms at C and A - love it!


And finally, because I had a tumultous night's sleep and need something restful to look at, a view over the Minnewater in Brugge. Not bad for a smartphone picture!


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