Monday, April 24

Some finished objects

I am continuing to be snotty but think I'm over the worst of the head cold. I sure hope so, I miss tasting my food. The Cog keeps making curries, bless him, and I can't actually tell how spicy they are...

The colours are a little off in this picture, they are more vibrant in person.

Both of these are my "new" sock recipe - 30 rnds 1x1 rib, K to R145 in 3x1 rib, K to R150 in stst, short-row toe and grafted.

Some fingerless gloves based on a pattern that came with Sirdar Colourwheel yarn - this is King Cole shine, and the sparkly bit is pink although you can't tell from this shot.

In other news, I really do need to stop reclining on the sofa. I keep falling asleep! I've knitted the component parts to Swirl, hopefully it's something like the correct pattern, which seems rather open to interpretation. Now I just need to figure out how to sew it up - it's not happening with Grigna, that's for sure!

Current mood: crappy

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