Friday, April 28


I'd like to say that this year I've been mostly immune to startitis (the urge to cast on new projects and ignore works-in-progress). However, that would be a big lie! Last night I cast on 315 stitches for a cowl in the new Sirdar Colourwheel yarn, which is really nice. Learnt the thumb cast on in the process, thanks to youtube, so feeling extraordinarily smug today.

Whilst I'm on the subject, the pattern in question has a glaring fault in the accompanying mitten pattern. It says to knit 4 rows of stocking stitch after the thumb hole, but the photograph clearly shows it's about 12 rows not 4. All I can think is perhaps it was a question of leftover yardage from the cowl? I'm going to keep knitting until the yarn runs out, to be honest! But then I'm not planning on knitting any gloves with it!

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