Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Weaving and a replacement for the ribber comb

Had a lovely day's Saori weaving at the Beautiful Cloth studio in Napton - great fun!

The crochet corner-to-corner scarf continues. Can't seem to find my mojo for much machine knitting at the moment. The weather isn't helping (it's chucking it down again today).

I've recently been teaching a student that has had a stroke, she has no use of her right arm. So I came up with a ribber "rag" that will replace her ribber comb. Alas, I did not think to get a photo of it, I will take one when I next see her.


Cast on e-wrap every other needle across the whole of the bed. Knit 20 rows main tension, 1 row T10, 20 rows main tension.
Hang hem.
Knit 6 rows. Make a lace hole on needle 1L, then at L15 and R15, L30 and R30, L45 and R45, L60 and R60, L75 and R75, L90 and R90.

Knit a further 10 rows. Knit two rows at T10, then cast off behind the gatepegs. Remove sample from machine and steam flat. Mark the middle hole with a permanent marker.

To use:

Hang on main bed needles, every other needle, as required. Bring ribber into work and put empty needles on ribber up into "hold" (but do not set ribber to hold). Hang weights evenly using lace holes.
At ribber tension, knit 1 row with ravel cord.
Change to main yarn, T0/0 and knit 1 row on all needles
Knit 1-5 circular rows at T1/1
Rearrange stitches at this point, if 1x1 ribbing is not the aim.
Set RC000 and knit ribbing as required.

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Christine Macdonald said...

Wow, what an ingenious idea! Good for you to find a way to make life easier not only for her but for so many others who may be in a similar situation! Kudos to you and all you do for us new knitters trying to learn this amazing art form.