Saturday, January 16

Passap E6000 - errata and a test program

I am not a big fan of Facebook - not because of the adverts (though that's annoying!), and not because of the things others post on there (though the levels of ignorance are often staggering and scary). No, my main issue is trying to follow conversation threads - it's awful. You have to keep clicking on conversations to read them, there's no linear progression, and FB sometimes only shows what it thinks is most relevant - sneaky AI? Having said that, there's lots of useful information on there, shared by folks, if you know where to look and can trust the source.

I found a comprehensive list of errata for the two E6000 manuals, and I had all but 2 errors in mine so I must have quite early editions. I cannot locate the original location and author of the file now of course (another FB issue - a download log so I could find out where I got it from would be nice!) but if I do I'll ask if I can share their useful document in perpetuity on the MKTC website. I marked up my copy last night, the only time I've ever defaced a book. It explains some of my early problems with the Passap - a technique I tried which looked lovely (but jammed) needs the colours to be reversed, for example. Just my luck to hone in on a typo. 

I also discovered that if you are having problems with your front bed pushers, and have ruled out mechanical issues, that there's a test program in the ROM. You run program 97 with no strippers, and with all front bed pushers in work. After the set up it "knits" 20 rows of 1x1, 20 rows of 2x2, and 32 rows of 7x1, which then repeats. This lets you spot which pusher(s) are being naughty. This was from a Metbury book, Passap Problems, which alas isn't available as a PDF - it ought to come with the machine methinks! 

It's given me renewed enthusiasm to continue mastering this "beast" of a machine, because it really takes up far too much floorspace otherwise. 

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Suzanne Alise said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and just want to say hi! I enjoyed looking through your project posts and finding The Machine Knitter's Treasure Chest. I'd love to learn machine knitting one day. Thanks for sharing so much!

steel breeze said...

Aw, thanks! Come to the dark side. We have cookies! :D And I love your bodysuit, I'm adding you to my blog feed! :)