Saturday, January 23

Up and down and up again...

It's been an up and down week. Things have been pretty busy at work, but still with the uneven loading - quiet start and then too much by the end of the week. Luckily the CAD team are well-practiced in balancing workload, and learning that NO is a full sentence sometimes. There's a planning method which they ignore at their leisure. A close colleague resigned on Wednesday, which was completely unexpected. Before covid meant my desk was moved, I sat next to him. I'll miss his sunny outlook and his willingness to help anyone, even if it wasn't his area. I'm sure he'll go far! I think the thing that's tweaking me the most, apart from sadness, is not being able to say goodbye in person, though we're doing the best we can with the technology that's available. Talking of which, I've a streamed funeral to attend on Monday, another first for me. Gutted I can't be there in person, because there's a lot of family on that side that I've lost touch with (a family schism, I won't bore you with the details) and sadly, it's only events like this that we ever get together. Hoping perhaps there'll be a memorial of some sort when this is all over. 

The Cog and I have managed a few rambles lately, in between the rain showers. The footpaths are awash with people, so a ramble means getting a bit more space and a LOT more mud. Friends post pictures of their snowy streets online - looks like we might have had 1cm of snow overnight, but nothing more! My inner child is desperate for some snow - this winter we could enjoy it as big kids whilst we continue to work from home, without the worry of having to drive in it. Alas it seems it is not to be!

Knitting has slowed to a crawl this week. I'm at the crown decreases on another ribbed hat, and I've machine-knit the front and back and one sleeve of a jumper in black chenille 4ply (the last needing to be cast off). I'm not feeling the love for this yarn - I gained it in a destash at the Leicestershire MK club. Knitting black in the winter is hard enough as it is, and this yarn doesn't look great after a wash either. But I persist, because it's one of the full cones I identified last year with at least a sweater's worth of yarn on it, which will benefit someone if I knit it up. Maybe that's the issue - knitting things for others from stash is all very well, but if you don't love what you're doing, or like the yarn, it's somehow less urgent! I plan to knit the Cog a sweater after this and am trying to stop myself starting that before finishing the other. 


That being said, I did knit these mittens last weekend, from a Gerda Stitt pattern that is hosted in perpetuity on my Machine Knitter's Treasure Chest website. The thumb and finger sections could use a few more rows, and I halved the cuffs because I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn otherwise, but otherwise they were knitted with no modifications. This is Yeoman's Cashmilon, a 100% acrylic yarn, and they are a lovely shade of purple in reality, the flash has washed the colour out a bit. Yes, I think my "hat phase" is over... I think I might be turning towards scarves and blankets for a bit. 

Not much else to report, really. We're staying indoors as much as possible asides from a brisk daily walk if the weather's being kind, and I'm still avoiding the nightly TV news, as it's just too depressing and paranoia-inducing. My sleep's been a bit crap lately, but we've got into the habit of doing 20 minutes on the exercise bike most mornings before work. Oh well - one positive this week, a real politician is back in charge in the US. This weekend I plan to play with knitting machines and clear out the garage. The former will be reward for the latter.  

Stay warm, stay safe, and mask up! :)

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LindaC said...

Thanks for this. Are these warm enough?

steel breeze said...

Probably warm enough for a UK winter, perhaps not for anywhere colder! And no fun once wet!