Sunday, March 28

FO: piano scarf


Many years ago, the Cog and I visited Antwerp. I saw a lovely piano scarf in a clothes shop, on a poster on the wall. We then trawled both branches of the shop, in a fruitless attempt to buy it. I had completely forgotten about it until this weekend, when it suddenly occurred to me that I could knit one for myself! Well, I am a bear of very little brain sometimes. The weather was cold and dreary, so perfect for staying in and knitting. The stitch pattern for this was designed in Designaknit, and it is knitted over 60 sts at ss 4.5 on both beds, using technique 180, about 1640 odd rows (thank heavens for the motor!). Very pleased with it, though next time I will program the whole five repeats instead of as a repeating pattern so that I know when it's finished. I might have a go making a skinnier version too. Next little project is to knit some samples of the different DBJ techniques, using the same stitch pattern, so I can compare the handle of them. I like technique 180 (bird's eye slipped backing) because it comes out the expected proportions - some of the DBJs elongate the pattern. Oh, and I cast this off ON the machine, first time ever. Despite it being in black. Quite impressed with myself!

There are precious few advantages to the pandemic, but finally getting to grips with the Passap has been mine. You know you've achieved something in machine knitting, when you are master of the machines and not the other way around. I'm now really inspired to try other things!

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