Thursday, April 21

Kitchen smitchen

Well, the house is still in uproar - the kitchen is full of half-assembled cabinetry. We've had no oven since Monday, and no hob or sink since Tuesday. Which actually isn't that bad - we've got a microwave/oven/grill combo thing, and a friend lent us an electric ring just in case, but so far we've eaten out a few times and had a few nukeable ready meals. It's taking shape anyway, and so far no major issues. Sad to say Eddie has such a subtle presence on this household that we've not really missed him; it's been nice sleeping through the night without being woken by a destructive feline demanding he knows not what at 2am. The weather has stayed fine all week which is good, as the fitter is cutting pieces to fit on the front lawn. I *am* missing the luxury of having a bath not full of kitchen kit. It's kind of handy to have half the kitchen in the dining area - saves time when making coffee!

I've not got much knitting to show at the moment, because sans washing machine I can't wash and block a few finished items. I have got a few MK blankets on the go, and wanted to make the (probably obvious) point that I mostly only post successful projects on here. Some folks are of the opinion that, because it's a machine, everything works first time and doesn't end up in a pile of yarn vomit. Far from it - even with 22 years of experience, in machine knitting, sometimes I'm still the statue and sometimes the pigeon.

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