Thursday, June 23

Got the blahs...

Yeah, I have a bad case of the blahs at the moment. The news continues to depress, the trains are on strike, my work colleague has been on holiday so I can't really get into the office for some social interaction, and having resubmitted my driving licence application (hoping I got the health questionaire right, it was very Krypton Factor!) now it's a case of a final appointment with the neurologist (a second £200 excess for a ten minute chat because it's two days after my health insurance renews, bit annoying that!). The Cog co-owns a flat with his brothers, and the last tenant had a fire in the living room (despite there being no gas in the building!), so he's been spending a lot of free time painting that. As it's not been redecorated for some time, they've got to sort out new carpets and soft furnishings too. So when he's out doing that, I'm kind of housebound in the evenings - our bus service now finishes at 7pm in the week, or 5pm at the weekend, due to the pandemic, no idea if they'll ever come back. So I can't even get to the gym unless I want to walk or cycle back (which kind of negates the gym really as it's about 4 not at all flat miles). Argh. The summer is being terribly British, apart from the odd heatwave day which only falls Mon-Fri of course, so that I can bake in place in front of my monitor.

I know, I know, first world problems. Whilst I welcome less cars on the road from an environmental point of view, and quite enjoy hybrid working, I really miss what I clearly mistook for my social life, my work colleagues. I only speak to my immediate team on a daily basis, everyone else has become the odd email and very occasional phone call. I miss the low hum of office chatter and giggles. I don't suppose things will ever return to normal now we've all had a taste of freedom to choose where we work. This is a nasty taste of how my life will be when I retire. Lonely. Whilst I have plenty of hobbies I could be doing indoors, having someone other than the Cog to discuss them with would be nice, let alone just conversation about anything and everything. His hobbies are playing computer games, sleeping and playing the guitar. He's not really a creative type. Never thought I'd be grateful for radio DJs, but I am! It makes things feel less weird around here... I even check the doormat obsessively, even when I know the postman has not been down our drive. Pathetic. 

I am trying to plan things in the evenings - Tuesday was gym and food shopping, and last night's "thrill" was a pile of ironing before the Great British Sewing Bee came on, hoo boy! There would have been knitting but I was too lazy to go upstairs and get it. See what I mean about the blahs? I guess it's what the Americans would call being in a funk. So if I don't post much lately, it's 'cause there really isn't that much to report at the moment.

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