Monday, November 14

Lest we forget and an unplanned finished object




This month's local WI postbox toppers - I really love the remembrance one. I cannot take any credit for any of these this time as September was just too busy for me! We always watch the 11am service on Rememberance Sunday, though this year we had to switch off early. Weird not to see the Queen there.


Some delicious looking handspun I picked up at the Big Textiles show. Not shown, the block printing kit I picked up that is alas devoid of written instructions, I'll need to get onto Youtube / the vendor's website. Also (for the eagle eyed amongst you) I finally caved and treated myself to a new keyboard for my WFH office - I really wanted a Logi and I much prefer the split keyboard layout, typing around "the girls", and work wouldn't pay for what I wanted. As my trackball is also Logi I gained a USB port, hurrah for that! The old MS keyboard has a tendency to cut out (of course you cannot buy a new USB  receiver without buying the whole flipping thing again!) but it will go back to the office in case anyone else wants it as a spare (as it is not mine). The wrist rest has seen better days alas...  


A quick handknit for my sweetie - he was complaining of cold hands WFH, and the blue pair I machine knitted for him a few years ago have always been too big. So quick these haven't even made it onto Ravelry yet, they are from a vintage Mariner pattern that I have had so long I have a TYPED copy as the original copy was almost illegible. I made the ladies size as this yarn is a wool 5ply that the SK840 did NOT like... 

Also not shown, the back of a cardigan knitted on the E6000 in half fisherman's rib. I definitely still have at least one dodgy front bed pusher, so I must reprogram the fronts so that the tucking happens on the back bed. Of course it's right in the middle too! Of COURSE! Bah... It's a very simple pattern from one of the model books with sideways pockets knitted tubular in the front, which I wanted to have a go at. 

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