Sunday, January 15, 2023

The almost seamless jumper conundrum

Well, I was lucky enough to receive one of Bob's jumpers before Xmas. He had knitted one for the organiser of the Big Textiles Show in Leicester on the Saturday, and she was still raving about it (and indeed, wearing it) on the Sunday. I casually commented to one of the other club members that I'd love the pattern for it and thought no more about it; I didn't even get that close a look at it because it was ten minutes to opening time and I was setting up my workspace. A few weeks later, a jumper arrived in the post with no explanation - a bit of a shock because I don't know Bob's handwriting at all! I did send him a xmas card by way of a thankyou.

Now that the silly season is done and dusted I've had time to look at the jumper properly and figure out how it is constructed. It's a simple sideways knit in black mohair and would make a great holiday addition - it's as light as a feather and could easily sneak into a suitcase for an evening chill occasion. He does commission knitting for someone in the UK - not big production runs, knits just for her I think - so probably doesn't feel he can share the pattern directly. He does have an email address but never uses it and is on my mental list of people I wish would write books about their expertise (in fact he inspired this knit too). Ooh, talking of which, Bill King has a book out on cables soon! Deffo going onto my wishlist!

Anyway, the sweater is a sideways knit, fairly simple T shape. There's a seam running along the outside of the arm and along the shoulder to the neck opening on both sides, and a seam running up one side of the sweater to the armpit. That's it. It has had me scratching my head for a few days, but I think I've cracked it. I did wonder if the ribber was involved for the sleeves (u shaped knitting) but I don't think so (although we did have a ribber set up at the show). The sleeves have a slight taper, and there's a gentle scoop for the front neck although otherwise it's a boat neck. I may have a go making a baby one just to prove I have it right - but in the meantime, can anyone else tell me how it was made? Just for fun, no prizes! I will post the answer in a week or so... 

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