Saturday, July 17

Lost week at the beach

Well, that was a forgettable holiday. Quite literally! I was so looking forward to a beach holiday, being so land-locked here. Apparently we visited several bays around the Whitby coast. But Friday I had some sort of seizure in bed, and then fainted and banged my head in the hallway. The upshot has been my memory of the previous week has been almost completely wiped. I vaguely remember packing, and I do remember having a cocktail and sitting on a beach, but the rest is just a blank! I've no history of epilepsy so it's a bit of an odd one. Thank goodness the Cog was around to look after me.

I'm half-tempted to drag us back up there, just to see if it sparks any memories. A shufty on google earth hasn't helped. No lasting physical effects, other than a bitten tongue and an aching torso.

Current mood: confused

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Knittedbrows said...

Oh my, poor you. I hope it was a one off and doesn't happen again. Do go see a doctor and take care x